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Moving Reality Check

June 1, 2011

So, in my last post I was very self-congratulatory about how well D and I were handling the stress of the move and getting things accomplished.  “Oh, we have a plan”; “Oh, we’re not even getting snippy with each other.

Hubris, I tell you.

Today, those descriptions feel like a pack of lies.

I think I have reached my breaking point. I haven’t been sleeping well, work has been… special the past few days, I don’t want to do any of the tasks I need to do before I start my new position, I don’t even want to think about my grad classes that just started for the summer, and I just want to be DONE with all of this moving crap.  As my boss would say, I am not just burnt out, I am feeling pretty crispy right now.

We picked up our keys yesterday and I was all crankypants because my metro train didn’t have AC and I was sweaty and gross, and D and I miscommunicated about where he was going to park, so instead of having a “Yay! We just got our keys and officially live here!” moment, I was just snarky and hungry.

Today, I sort of lost my cool with the delivery company who is supposed to be delivering our bed tomorrow.  And got a little exasperated with the folks at our new apartment complex over their very annoying freight elevator policy.  (I may or may not have gotten off the phone with the delivery company and then yelled expletives at my phone.)

I’m just over it.  And I need a cocktail.

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