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Ornament Decoration Redux: Wreath Edition

November 29, 2012

Some of you may remember my epic crafting fail last year, when I took a beautiful pinterest  inspiration


and made a terribly ugly ceiling fan chandelier.  Ringing any bells?  Or like me, have you tried to block it out of your memory?

Let’s re-live the train wreck, shall we?

The ornaments started with so much promise.  Shiny… pretty…

Then things started looking a little crazy, but I chose to ignore it…

And finally, was left with… this.  Hanging in our apartment.  Taunting me.  For a month.

Well, it all came back to me as I unpacked by Christmas decorations on Monday and came across the giant bag of ornaments that I used .  What to do with all these damn ornaments?  Fill up every vase/bowl/container we own with ornaments?  Decorate our entire Christmas tree in red balls?  Throw them all away because every time I see them they will remind me of failure?

I opted to go a different route and make them into something a little better looking.

I used this insanely simple tutorial to make an ornament wreath for our door and I am pretty happy with how it turned out! It is definitely an upgrade over the “Holly berry” wreath I bought for $9 at CVS a few years ago, which looked so terrible when I unpacked it last year that I never even put it up.

But seriously– there is finally a Joan-Crawford approved use for wire hangers!  If you’ve got a hanger, a pair of pliers  and some spare ornaments– you’ve got yourself a snazzy wreath!

It looks a little wonky in pictures (and sorry for the somewhat crappy quality of the photo– this is iPhone all the way), but it looks more balanced in person (but it is a tiny bit wonky on one side because Dan knocked it off the door and I had to put some of the ornaments back on).

I’ve tried to put a big bow at the top to make it more “wreathy” and to hide the 3M hook, but it just keeps looking crazy instead.  So, I think I’m going bow-less for now.

What do you think?  Should I go back to the drawing board with my ornament crafting?  Have you had any crafty fails lately?  How did you salvage them?

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