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Laughter and Love: The boys have a lot of time on their hands

February 1, 2011

So, while the bridesmaids and I ran around, made centerpieces, bouquets, got polished and coiffed, the boys… sat around waiting for something to do from as far as I can tell.

D spent the night at our apartment, then made his way over to the hotel where guests were staying to get ready with all of the guys.  Since we were in separate locations and our photographer couldn’t get pictures of him getting ready, I asked one of our groomsmen to get some photos of the guys getting ready.  I probably should have given him some guidance on what I was hoping for…

So, not so much the artistic and cute shots you see on most wedding blogs… but much more representative of D and his friends when they get together.

The best man puts the finishing touches on his amazing speech

Dan posing with his Dad… and some crazy eyes….

Once the guys made it over to the venue, our photographer was there to get some professional shots (the following photos are by the fabulous Valerie Usui):

Dan getting his Calla Lily Bout put in place

The guys chatting pre-ceremony

The guys take a look at our childhood photo display

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