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Happy Friday with a Soundtrack: I curse you, Statistics! Edition

October 7, 2011
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It’s a lovely fall Friday, here in the DC area, but I still hate my statistics class with a fiery and stabby passion and will be doing Stats homework all weekend.  But that’s my problem, not yours.

Good things on tap for the weekend:

  • Taste of DC is in town this weekend, with some of the city’s best restaurants offering samples of their deliciousness.  I’ll be headed down there on Saturday with D, my sister and niece (who are coming into town for the weekend– yay!), and an awesome co-worker who invited me along.  Beautiful DC weekend + cheap and delicious array of fancy food– yes please!
  • Since it’s Fall, there is football.  Glorious football!

And of course, a lovely song to get you through the rest of your Friday workday: Tell ‘Em by Sleigh Bells.  The beat of this song is freaking amazing.  But, I won’t lie– I can’t really make out about 75% of the lyrics.

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