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Cocktail Time!

October 6, 2011

Why, hello there…new piece of furniture in our living room.

Piece that perfectly fills the awkward space between our TV and the door to the office… Your doors are lovely.

Let’s look inside, shall we?

That is a thing of beauty.  (and yes, I know my wine rack is looking pitiful at the moment.  A trip to Trader Joe’s is needed, stat!

D and I were trying to figure out what to do with the odd space we had next to our TV, and I suggested we get some sort of bar cart or something.  D was totally on board with the idea.  I found this beauty at World Market and we were sold! (Many thanks to my Father-in-Law whose birthday gift this year helped make this bar possible!)

And my post title was a jibe at Sandra Lee-of-the-very-boozy-food-network-show-and-awkward-too-long-catch-phrases.  For those of you who have been spared “Semi-Home-Made with Sandra Lee”, I invite you to watch this Sandra Lee Re-mix.  The cocktail time part starts at 1:20 or so.

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  1. October 6, 2011 12:03 pm

    World market eh? Looks like I need to do some shopping

  2. Julia permalink
    October 6, 2011 12:42 pm

    That is GORGEOUS. Love it!

    And that Hendricks is making me thirsty…at 9:45 am. Yikes.

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