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Weekend update– Good ideas and project progress!

June 27, 2011

It was a good weekend here at S&P headquarters.  D and I crossed some items off of our to-do list, I got to see some good friends, and the week ahead promises to be excellent.

Here is pictorial evidence of some of my projects:

Here is my aforementioned herb garden in all of it’s germinating glory:  (They are still alive and I watered them yesterday)

The sprouts!

I am also working on tackling #60 on my 101 in 1001, which involves finding a better way to store my jewelry, part of which looked like this:

That would be a photo of pretty much every necklace I own tangled together in a cigar box.  I could never find anything, thus never wore any of it.

The I saw this photo on Pinterest and realized I could use an old metal suspension rail and S-hooks from IKEA that D and I used to have in our old kitchen, but had no use for in the new place to organize my necklaces like this:

I love it!

However, emboldened by my success re-purposing an item I already had to solve this problem, I tried to tackle organizing my earrings using a picture frame and some ribbon and tulle (trying for something like this), but it was an epic fail because shockingly, tulle and wire netting have very different functional properties.  Who knew?

Undeterred by my crafting fail, we also finally hung some of our art on the walls, including my absolute favorite piece I own, which is a reclaimed Tin Ceiling tile.  I am seriously obsessed with it.  D not so much.  So, we compromised, and rather than hanging it in the living room over our couch, where it was in our old place, we hung it in the foyer.  We plan on picking out a mutually agreed upon piece for our living room.

Isn’t it beautiful!?  Now I get to see it every day when I walk in the door.

And my final project, that I actually did last weekend, but didn’t have pictures of, is our spice cabinet organization.  We put all of our spices in a small cardboard box when we moved, which was probably the most organized they have ever been.  And I thought, hey, this in an idea.  With the addition of a small tupperware bin and some neon colored dot stickers, we now have this:

It is SO much easier to find stuff!  I think we’re going to buy a second bin (since they are stack-able) so we can fit all of our spices in them and then I’ll probably arrange them alphabetically, because I’m crazy like that.

Have you had any projects come to fruition lately?  Any great organization ideas to share?

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