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Finding a new blog = finding new projects

May 14, 2011
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So, I’m very late to the party in blog-land in that I just discovered  uber-DIY-home blog Young House Love the other day.  I have become obsessed (but I am spending my weekend stuck in the apartment because I am on duty for my job, so it’s not like I can really go anywhere).

Of course, I currently live in a Residence Hall apartment, and when we move into a new place (when I get a new job), it’ll most likely be another apartment, so a lot of their amazing DIY renovations are not in the cards for D and I any time soon.  However, I have been browsing the site and have seen a TON of stuff I do want to to:

That “P” picture is a cut out of the beginning of a magazine article that they blew up at kinkos– I want to make one with our last name initial SO BADLY.  But, I am discovering that R is not a letter that magazine articles begin with all that frequently.  Those of you with I, T, and Y last names seem to be in luck, as I keep seeing those over and over in my quest for an R.

Source: Young House Love

I also love the idea of creating a cork board message center inside kitchen cabinets.  It looks like it would be really easy to do (although I would have to investigate whether or not it would be easy to remove for those pesky apartment cabinets that I’m not allowed to permanently alter in any way.

Source: Young House Love

Other projects I want to tackle, but need to do some research on:

  • Does anyone know if you can paint melamine furniture?  I have an ugly white shelf in our bathroom that I would love to re-do with a fun, bright color.  If it is possible, what would I need to use?
  • D and I also want to get a hanging pot rack for our kitchen (because we have WAY too much stuff, so the only way to fit it all is to begin to utilize the ceiling!).  D is worried about hanging something that heavy from the ceiling, so we need to do some research about the kind of wall anchors and hooks we would need.

Are there any home improvement projects you’re planning on tackling soon?

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