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Oh Canada: Why Montreal is Awesome

May 4, 2011

I’m taking a quick break from wedding recaps and fast forwarding to our Honeymoon.  Because it was awesome.

When D and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, we tossed around a few ideas.  We knew we wanted to go to a city.  We wanted culture. We wanted delicious food. We wanted fun, but being able to do it on our own schedule. And we really wanted to leave the country.

Though I have no doubt that I would enjoy an all-inclusive resort or a cruise, that just wasn’t what we wanted for our honeymoon.  First, we got married in June in Maryland, where is was hot and humid, so “escaping” to another hot location… not so much. Now, if we had gotten married in January, I probably would have pushed for a tropical destination.

Well, since our budget was limited, Europe was pretty much out, and airfare most other places also priced us out.  So, we turned our sights north to Canada. D wanted to go to Vancouver, I wanted to go to Montreal.  We sought the advice of 2 friends who had been to both cities, and from Jules’ co-worker who was Canadian (what can I say? We are exhaustive and very methodical researchers), but the general consensus was, “both are awesome.”

I told D if he wanted Vancouver, he could plan the honeymoon.  Knowing that D hates planning, I knew I had won.  Yeah, in retrospect, that was probably a little passive aggressive of me.

A few guide books and a lot of internet research later, I was psyched!  Going to Montreal was completely fabulous for the following reasons:

  • It was outside the country, but very affordable airfare and short travel time
  • French is the first language of Montreal, and the city is very European in flavor (as much as one can be in Canada, I guess), so it really felt like being completely immersed in a different culture
  • The food in Montreal is AMAZING.
  • The weather in June is perfect– high 70s.  A nice escape from the MD humidity, but still warm enough.
  • We were going to be there for the Jazz Festival, the International Fireworks competition, a Cirque de Soliel show, and la Fete Nationale du Quebec/St. John-Baptiste Day.  So, basically, all of the best days and times to be in Montreal

I’ll leave you with a few gorgeous photos to whet your appetite for more Honeymoon-recapping to come!

Quaint cobblestone streets? Check.

Undeniably gorgeous churches and culture? Check.

And now that I have started looking through my pictures to write this post, I want to go back.  Sigh.

So, dear readers, go to Montreal!  And bring me with you in your suitcase– we’ll eat some poutine and have a time!

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