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Laughter and Love: The magic school bus

May 2, 2011

Wedding transportation… some weddings have trolleys, some have vintage cars, some have stretch limos.  D and I?  We had a school bus.  And it. was. awesome.

The need for group transportation from the hotel to Baldwin’s was a pretty non-negotiable thing.  Baldwin’s, though I love it dearly, is located in a tiny-and-hotel-less town, therefore, our hotel was about 25-30 minutes away.  We knew that lots of our friends were going to be utilizing our open bar, and we didn’t want anyone to drive if they were intoxicated, so offering a free ride to and from the hotel was a major priority for us.

As I started pricing transportation, I was getting a little worried.  When making the budget, I had put $1,000 aside for our group transportation, since I knew we needed to have it and I was willing to cut down the budget for flowers, decor, invitations, etc in order to do it.  But, the first few quotes I got back (for coach buses) were over that.  Then I found American Limo, which offered a lovely yellow school bus for the lovely price of $650.  Sold!

My good friend Anna (BTW- totally go read her blog) agreed to be my bus wrangler for the event, making sure everyone who was riding from the hotel to Baldwin’s got on board, then helping to hustle us all out of Baldwin’s in time for the last shuttle run (we did 3 runs from Baldwin’s back to the hotel, but only 1 person rode back before the last bus at midnight).  Having a bus wrangler was totally key– Anna handled it like a pro.  Although herding a bunch of tipsy-and-beyond guests out the door looked to be a bit stressful for her…

D and I also elected to take the bus from Baldwin’s to the hotel.  Did you really think we were going to miss out on all that hot-mess fun by taking some ridiculously overpriced fancy limo by ourselves?! Please.

The pictures from the bus ride home are hilarious and ridiculous and I treasure them.  Please enjoy this insane slideshow (because I am far too lazy to individually insert all of these photos into this post):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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