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Happy Friday with a Soundtrack: West Coast Edition

April 29, 2011

Happy Friday, darlings!  I’m spending my last night in California, before I head out on the red eye tomorrow night.  To celebrate, Jules is hosting a BBQ for her friends and co-workers which should be a lot of fun.  Last time we did this, it ended in a 6 hour long dance party, so I am hopeful.

Additionally, I couldn’t let the moment pass without mentioning the Royal Wedding, because OF COURSE Jules and I have been watching/reading coverage of it today.  A recap of our thoughts: PIPPA! (we are both naming future children/pets/random people we meet PIPPA!), awesome crack-tastic hats– why do I not live in England because I want to wear hats; Posh is setting a dangerous trend whereby massively gestating women trek around in 8″ spike heels (I think we will pass on said trend when we become massively pregnant); Prince Harry riding in a carriage with adorable flower girls and mini-coachmen is the cutest thing EVAH (you all know how I feel about redheads), and finally, Will and Kate the lifetime movie was disappointingly not awesomely bad.  It was just regular-bad.

And in case you want to know what your name would be if you were British Royalty, I hightly recommend the E! royal name generator.  HRH Kelly Pippa Ridingsskitt of Sykesvilleburgh and Marchioness Julia Lulu Hejlberton of Los Angelespool bid you a wonderful weekend– Cheers!

Oh yeah, and the whole soundtrack part: I’ll leave you with some peppy She & Him.  I love the video for In the Sun because I am a sucker for any fun dancing!

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