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Project time: Too much stripping

April 28, 2011

Get your minds out of the gutter… not that kind of stripping.  Unless you were thinking about stripping screws.  Wow, that sounds even worse.  Moving on.

So, Day 1 building is done!  And what do we have to show for it?

That would be me and Jules.  Just sittin’ on one of the 2  BENCHES THAT WE MADE.  WITH OUR OWN 2 (4?)  HANDS!!

Also pictured, Lester, my traveling squirrel and Jules’ UMD Gnome (who was sadly injured in the making of our benches).

So, as I mentioned in my last post, we started at Lowe’s getting our lumber cut by the wonderful Fernando.  Here is Jules looking adorable with our lumber:

After an awesome night playing Euchre with super cool CA people, we got up this morning and set to work building our benches.  Lester was kind enough to watch over the supplies:

Step 1 was dealing with the scary saw, which ended up being not so scary.

See, saws aren't scary when you make stupid faces

Here is Jules going to work on the saw doing our final cuts:

September 1998 Shop Class Student of the Month in Action!

Then it was time to start building:

Starting on the first set of legs

We were bad bloggers and didn’t get pictures of several important steps, but we did manage to document the drill bit that we broke:

Then it was time to test our bench base and see if it was actually level.

The Answer? LEVEL!!!!

Thumbs up for LEVEL!!! (we were very proud)

Then, while we were problem solving when the seat top piece was 1/2 inch too long (just a tip, you cannot actually sand off 1/2 inch very effectively, so we pulled out the scary saw again), I got to meet the most awesome addition to Julia’s awesome house.

Meet Shocky G, the squirrel that was raised (and named) by Jules’ landlords and lives in her back yard.  That’s right, Jules has a freaking semi-domesticated PET FREAKING SQUIRREL.  This is why we are friends.

So, after several setbacks and problem solving in action, we completed the first bench in a few hours, but then knocked out bench #2 in an hour!  Look at our handiwork:

We were excited.  As you can see in this photo:

Up next: we tackle the table and then do some staining.

Also coming up, a dance party with Jules’ California friends.  Featuring the following dance that we are working on learning because it is RIDICULOUSLY awesome.  I know you’re jealous.

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  1. killer b. permalink
    April 28, 2011 10:07 am

    Oh my gosh, those look GREAT! Pretty much every project I build, there’s something that doesn’t fit right, or won’t be level, or has a “back side” that’s all jacked up, but nobody will see it anyway 😉 Can’t wait to see these stained, and then your awesome table! Eeee! Yay for building!


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