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Laughter and Love: the Midnight Train Goin’ Anywhere

April 18, 2011

Yet another of the seemingly endless array of wedding memories that I call “my favorite” (and no, this isn’t the last one) was our last song at the reception.  We’d belted our hearts out to “Livin’ on a Prayer”, Jules and I had shaken it like polaroid pictures to “Hey Ya”, we had cupid shuffled it out, and jumped up and “Shouted”.  But it wasn’t truely epic until we closed with the Journey Shot.

The tradition of the journey shot had been passed down from wedding to wedding in our circle of friends.  You designate a close friend to be your Toaster (in our case, our friend Ben, whose wedding introduced us to the Journey Shot.  I continued the tradition as MOH at J’s wedding a few months later).  After the DJ has cued up Don’t Stop Believing, your toaster takes the mic and begins to ask the crowd those all important questions so they can sing the answers at the top of their lungs:

-Who was she?

Just a small town girl

-Where was she?

Living in a lonely world

-Where was she going

She took the midnight train going anywhere

And so on through the first verse.  And then when you get to the chorus, everyone sings, raises their glasses, and takes a shot/drink.

Sure, this is not an original song by any stretch.  But, it was an awesome way to end our reception.

But, don’t worry, the most ridiculous of the wedding recaps are still to come– The ride home and the after-party.  Stay tuned.

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