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Laughter and Love: The Evening Gets Sloppy

April 14, 2011

So, as the night continued and the ridiculous dancing was going on in the main dining room, the bar was also seeing A LOT of action.  Because both of our immediate families are pretty small, our wedding was very heavily skewed toward our mid-20’s friends, who can hold their own when it comes to drinks if the occasion calls for it.  (On our venue contract with Baldwin’s, in the section dealing with our open bar arrangements, the provision “Heavy gin drinkers” was written so that they would know to stock up on some extra bottles for our reception.)

When we went back to Baldwin’s the day after the wedding to pay our final bill (that’s a whole other story), we got the final tally on our consumption-based open bar.  We had about 95 people at our wedding, not all of whom were drinking.

Our guests drank 35 bottles of wine and  and 355 beers/cocktails.

We were so proud.

I’ll just let the pictures taken by our guests in the bar area speak for themselves:

*(You’ll notice I am in almost none of these pictures because once the dancing started, I think I left the dance floor for a total of maybe 10 minutes.  Plus, people just kept bringing me drinks, so why would I go all the way over to the bar?)

I LOVE Goldfish, so of course we had to have them at the bar

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