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You’re the guy… you aren’t supposed to have opinions on this

April 13, 2011

This was pretty much my statement to D last night as we were chatting about buying new furniture.

I swear, my husband has got to be the only guy I know who has serious opinions on the furniture and other decor in his apartment.  This is something that we butt heads about a fair amount, seeing as our personal taste is rather… different

But the argument I always seem to fall back on is, “But… you’re a guy.  You’re not supposed to care about home decor!” (ie- You’re the guy!  You’re not supposed to disagree with me about home decor!)  I’m not usually a proponent of gender stereotypes… apparently unless I think it works in my favor?

But alas, D has home decor opinions (his mother is a nicer, more awesome Martha Stewart afterall, so I guess some of it rubbed off on him).

So, what are we sparring about?

Take a look at the picture above.  I see a design blog photo like that and say, “ooh!  Yellow doors?!  How fresh and awesome. I love it”  D looks at that photo and is terrified of all that color.


We want a new chair for the living room.  D hates reclining chairs (too many moving parts and tend to break, according to him), wants it to have an ottoman, and tends to like neutral, solid colors.  I would love a chair with a fun pattern or a bright color, and I am not opposed to recliners.

We need to buy a bed.  I mentioned that I like the look of upholstered headboards.  D doesn’t like them.  He thinks it should only be wood.  “Upholstery gets dingy, and what if it doesn’t match your bedding?”

When we move to a new place, I want to paint a bright accent wall.  D wants to stick to neutral earth tones.

So, in summary, me = awesome! fun! color!  D = neutral and more neutral, with a dash of earth tone.

But marriage is all about compromise, so I guess I need to tone down my fun patterned chairs and bright accent walls a bit.  And, I suppose, be thankful our apartment is not filled with deer heads and covered with plaid.

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    April 13, 2011 11:26 pm

    My husband is the decorator in our relationship…I gave up all control to him because he seems a whole lot more serious about it than I am…BUT we tend to have the same basic taste, and we rarely disagree…

    At least D doesn’t pick out your PURSES! My husband is a connoisseur of women’s purses…knows more about them than I do and is VERY opinionated on them…don’t even want to analize that! 🙂

    • April 13, 2011 11:41 pm

      It’s nice that he takes that on and you guys have the same taste! I don’t know about the purse connoisseur thing… I can’t imagine Dan really noticing purses, let alone picking one out…

      But at least you can always exercise your amazing taste when it comes to Bella’s clothes.

  2. April 14, 2011 11:54 am

    I thought that SAME THING when we were at Ikea and Jack disagreed with my pendant love. I have a few picked out, but my heart was set on one… the ONLY one he didn’t like. He said that it would work better in the room with the aquarium. I thought he was going to say something awesome like “because the lines are like waves,” which would totally work. But no, he said “in a room that’s more fun”…. BECAUSE OUR BEDROOM ISN’T ‘FUN’?!??!?! Harumph.

    The thing is, we have, until this point, done one of the following: 1) agree whole-heartedly on decor thoughts, 2) he trusts me & says that the things I do work awesomely in the end so he’ll do whatever I say, or 3) one of us doesn’t have a strong enough opinion against the other person’s thoughts so we go that way. That’s why his “definitely no” surprised me so much! (Jack does some graphic design and is working as a web developer, so he does have opinions on color and style, which I like as long as it’s gelling or improving mine!)

    Anyways, all is well. We are getting a kick-ass mod drum shade for our room. I’m cool with that.

    And finally, back to you because this is your blog: I think the common compromise for a fun person & a boring… er, I mean “neutral” person in the decor world is either A) bold-ish wall color, and the rest of the fixtures & furniture neutral (but I would throw fun glass & metal objects in there, and then funky designed/shaped items painted white,) OR B) neutral walls (hopefully you can get away with some grey walls? Thems be da shit), but allowed at least one bold piece of furniture and curtains and such. Maybe look into slip covers? Slip covers & curtains are always changeable, so maybe less fear of permanency from the neutral-lover?

    This comment is long. BUT I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.

    • April 14, 2011 10:35 pm

      Candace, you win the award for longest comment ever!

      I think one of these days Dan is going to come home and I am just going to have painted the entire apartment orange or something. I’m sure passive aggression (or I guess that might not be that passive) is the way to go!!

  3. killer b. permalink
    April 28, 2011 10:45 am

    The best thing about paint is, you can always fix it on the cheap. Most of the time, people don’t really get my vision for things when I’m just spelling it out for them. So, I just do it, then when people (like my husband) see it, they think it looks great. Sometimes, you have to just go ahead and do it (on the inexpensive things, at least, so they’re cheap to fix if your hubby hates it) to make an accurate assessment on how it looks. So go paint a door! At the very least, you’ll get a few weeks to smile at it until your hubby begs you to change it


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