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Apparently, it’s Squirrel Week

April 4, 2011


Smile! It's Squirrel Week!

So, the Washington Post is celebrating Squirrel Week this week, with a series on the area’s squirrel population that is “aiming to unravel the mysteries of a furry woodland critter that, in some people, elicits as much fear and revulsion as a fanged creature from the deep.”

I’m excited by how many of my friends send me an E-mail letting me know that Squirrel Week was coming up.  Thank you, friends, for always looking out for random Squirrel trivia and events for me (clearly, I’m bad at it, as I didn’t even know when it was squirrel appreciation day).

Todays fun fact: The mystery of the DC area’s Black Squirrel population is solved: they are from Canada!

I know I’m hooked.

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