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Laughter and Love: Dinner Time!

March 20, 2011

Once the toasts concluded, D and I took a seat at our “sweetheart table”.  Now, I have seen some adorable and extravagant sweetheart tables on the blogosphere, but D and I didn’t really gussy it up all that much.  We just picked a table outside (well, really we picked “the best seat in the house” which had a river view and fun fact: was also the table I sat at for my prom dinner) and had Baldwin’s stick a blue tablecloth and a reserved sign on it .

Our sweetheart table... covered in bouquets, baskets, sunglasses, etc

We sat down with some more water (crucial!) and another cocktail (also crucial!) and the Baldwin’s staff served us our dinner.

What were we having?  I’m glad you asked.

We had a buffet/food stations set up that included a salad and bread station, a pasta station (penne with choice of tomato pomodoro or pistachio pesto cream sauce), a beef carving station with horseradish cream and ale au jus, grilled swordfish with a Jamaican salsa, teriyaki chicken breast with Asian Slaw and ginger dressing, and for our sides, herb roasted red bliss potatos, green beans and peppers, and Parmesan risotto (of course).  I don’t have pictures– sorry.

No food pictures, but I do have one of the cute sign in the main dining room!

D and I ate some of the food, but at that point, I was stuffed full of our passed hors d’oeuvres and I was just so excited to go and say hi to everyone that I didn’t eat all that much.  Instead I pestered D, “are you done yet?  Are you done yet?  I want to go say Hi!!”

We had about 95 guests at our wedding, and Baldwin’s has seating for much more than that, so we did a casual seating arrangement (ie- no seating chart).  Folks could grab tables inside one of the dining rooms or outside on the patio.  I know this is not a feasible option for every wedding, but it worked out really well for us.  Folks got to sit where and with whom they wanted to (and not every seat needed to be filled), or they could get up and mingle easily throughout the meal.  Plus, I didn’t have to make a seating chart or escort cards.  Win!

When D and I finished picking at our food, we got up and made the rounds together to each of the tables.  This was a fantastic part of the night.  We got to see all of our guests, including our families.  I got to see friends from far away, I got to hear people say that they were having a great time (not that they probably would have said, “wow– this wedding sucks”, but the validation was nice).  I am really glad we took the time to do this and got to see family and friends we don’t get to see very often.

We got a picture with my all of my family members

And speaking of the mingling that occurred: MOH Jules, her mom, and I had an impromptu can-can line at some point during our rounds of the tables.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’m guessing that the open bar may have had something to do with it.

All photos by the talented Valerie Usui

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