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Awesome things: St. Paddy’s Day edition

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy’s day everyone!  I have not done anything particularly festive today, but since I haven’t posted anything for a week, I figured I had better check in with a list of awesome things for the day:

1) I went for a run after work today.  4 miles at 10:25 pace… obviously nothing too advanced or amazing, but I’m glad to be getting back out there more regularly as D and I get closer to starting or Marine Corps Marathon training.  And it was gorgeous outside, and there were so many runners and families out on the trails today.  It was fantastic– even though I have no doubt I will be SO sore tomorrow.

2) I bought new shoes the other day.  I popped into Marshall’s looking for something completely different, and as I breezed by the “Shoe Megastore” adorable shoes caught my eye.  But since Marshall’s never stocks my size in anything cute (only in big, white, orthopedic things), I didn’t get too excited, but, lo and behold, there were my size 11’s for 50% off the regular price.  Nothing puts me in a good mood like adorable new shoes.  Except adorable new shoes that are on sale for $24.

Madden Girl Kabobe in Black and Red

Adorable pintuck detailing on the toe!

3) I booked my flight out to LA to visit Jules at the end of April!  WOOT!  And my flight was on sale!

4) I’m currently reading the Count of Monte Cristo, and I am LOVING it.  Hooray for literature!  And it was free on my Kindle and you can’t beat that!

So, it’s been a week of good deals and fiscal responsibility.  Looking forward to a great weekend, and then the University is closed next week for Spring Break, so I am hoping to have a very productive week (and hopefully lots of blogging!)


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