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Laughter and Love: Grab a drink and strike a pose

February 24, 2011

While D and I were off being lovey dovey and awkward, guests were greatly enjoying our cocktail hour.  Once the ceremony ended, guests were ushered into the air-conditioning to grab drinks and partake in the delicious appetizers.

What were their food choices?

Seared Sea Scallops with lemon creme fraiche, brie and raspberry compote wrapped in phyllo, spanikopita, beef wellington topped with horseradish cream, tomato bruchetta on crostini, and pepper berry rubbed chicken satay with Thai-chili sauce. Um, delicious.

While they ate and had many cocktails, they also had quite a bit of fun.  Some of my favorite guest photos:

The bar was pretty busy all night long

A train rolled through during the cocktail hour

The scallop appetizers were very popular.  And delicious.  Now I want a scallop.

Many guests also had a good time with our Faux-toBooth.  I had seen this on WeddingBee and thought it looked like so much fun.  D has a nice DSLR camera, groomsmen T had a tripod and a camera remote.  I got some fabric from IKEA that we hung up.  Presto: fauxto booth. (tip: if you go this route, make sure to put some heavy anchors around the base of the tripod and tighten it so the camera won’t swivel.  As you will see, some of our pictures are a little off kilter.  I blame the booze.)

We also had some fun props, almost all of which I already owned (including the crab hat).  Big thanks to MOH Jules’ boyfriend who was the maker of the mustaches.  He was hanging with us girls before the rehearsal, while we were in a mad dash to get ready.  He asked what he could do, and I gave him the black foam board, dowl rods, and a hot glue gun and he went to town.  I had written off the wedding-blog-popular mustaches on sticks as a project that I didn’t have time for, but they were a HUGE hit.

Some of my favorite photos from our photobooth (though I am very sad that I never got around to grabbing a picture– it was located too far away from the dance floor!)

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