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Laughter and Love: Just the two of us

February 21, 2011

Once our formal pictures with family and the wedding party were completed, it was time for D and I to head off with our photographer and get some pictures of just us.  This post is incredibly picture heavy because I had a TON to choose from and I am a terrible editor (plus I wanted to share some of my favorites and some of the hilarious non-favorites).  I’ll also be splicing in some funny stories and words of picture taking wisdom along the way.

All photos are by the fabulous and talented Valerie Usui.

We started out by the train where we ended our group pictures.  MOH Jules was like… “we can get a picture of your dress’ train and you’ll be standing next to a train!” So, indeed, here you have a train by a train:

BAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s pretty much my reaction every time I see this picture.  (This pose was totally my idea by the way.  I am sure our photographer knew it would look like the cover of a bad romance novel) Although I do like that it showcases my buff P90X arms.

Things I learned in the course of taking these pictures: D and I are NOT good at PDA.  We don’t kiss in public, generally speaking.  I wish I would have told my photographer this when we got started so that we would not have taken so many photos of us kissing… because we are just awkward at it. (see above)

Obligatory rings over bouquet shot.  I actually really love this picture, although I wish I had remembered to actually clean my ring (isn’t it pretty?) before the wedding.

This is probably our “best” kissing photo (I know).  I put this photo in our album, and it is over a 2 page spread, which looked great when I was making our album online, but in person, it is a hilariously HUGE picture.  Everyone who looks at our album and gets to that page layout is like, “Hello! That’s a big photo of you guys kissing.”

One of my favorites.  I just really love the curve of the train tracks, the light, and that we both have good smiles.

Where we were taking pictures on the tracks was about 100 yards away from the road, so cars kept driving by and honking and yelling.  We are both in favor of gratuitous cheering, so we participated as well.

I have no idea what I am doing with my hand in this photo, but I love the candid shots our photographer got of us laughing.  I am sure D was making some kind of comment about the awkwardness of whatever pose it was we were trying to do.  Because posing for romantic lovey dovey pictures is just awkward sometimes.  At least for us.

I love these the photo above and the one below.  A co-worker of mine who got married a few months before I did said to me, “Make sure you stand up straight in your photos.  I am slouching in so many of mine and it looks awful.” So, during our individual photos, every once and a while, I would say to D, “Don’t forget, we need to stand up straight!” And I can tell when that happened, because we go from a nice natural photo like the one above, to the one below, where it looks like we have sticks up our asses.

I don’t know what D was laughing and clapping about in this photo, but it cracks me up every time I look at it.

From the train tracks, we moved on to an old factory across the bridge from Baldwin’s.  It’s an old abandoned building that the town now uses to house flea markets and the annual apple butter festival.

Another not-as-awkward kissing photo.  I like how pretty my dress and bouquet look here (because I am totally vain)

Not the most flattering photo in the world, but very us.

We have a ton of these “us peeking around the corner” shots.  People who have looked at our photos seem to find them adorable.  (There is also a no trespassing sign on the wall there, which was in some of the shots, which people also seem to have found cute).

I love this photo.  This is the one we chose to put in our “guest book” frame.

Having a Cinderella moment.  I needed D’s help to get my shoes back on so we could take the next series of shots.

Another manic looking “OMG stand up straight!” reminder must have happened right before the above shot as well.

In the end, I am really happy with our couple portraits.  Yes, we are awkward kissers, but oh well.  But there are some that are really beautiful and artistic.  And then there are lots where D and I are just laughing and having a great time. The number of times we said to each other, “Oh my god, we’re actually married!!!” are probably too numerous to count, and we kept calling each other “Husband” and “Wife” unnecessarily.

Sometimes, when I look at other wedding blogs and see the amazing gorgeous, dramatic, romantic shots they have, I think they are beautiful and wish that we had shots like that. But, I always have to remember that is just not who D and I are as a couple. We are just not over-the-top, PDA-happy, big-romantic-gestures people; we are fun, laid back people, who laugh a lot, and I’m glad that’s what our pictures reflect.

This part of the day was great for another reason, too.  It was just the two of us and our photographer, so we actually had some time to talk quietly to each other and marvel over actually being married.  Some of our only alone time of the day.

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  1. February 22, 2011 2:40 pm

    I think your couple photos are great! When my mom first looked through our wedding photos, her first comment was “You two sure do kiss a lot”. Ha! It was really just that we were at such a loss for what to do during photos (we also felt ridiculous in any poses) that we fell back on kissing because it seemed to make sense! Aaaawkward. 😀

    • February 22, 2011 6:02 pm

      Thanks so much, Megan!
      Gotta love the awkward posing! We don’t spend too much time gazing soulfully into each other eyes and doing dramatic dips all over the place, so no wonder it feels a little awkward! But it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to feeling like a celebrity… having someone following you around all day taking photos. 🙂


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