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Laughter and Love: In which the bride almost ugly-cries

February 7, 2011

The girls and I finished getting ready and still had some time to kill before making the 10 minute drive to Baldwin’s for the ceremony.  (MOH Jules, resident of DC and then LA, asked, “Are you sure we shouldn’t leave earlier in case we hit traffic?”  My response: “Love, this is Sykesville.  We don’t really have traffic.”  To kill that time, I paced back and forth like a mad woman, and we put some make up on my (usually non-makeup wearing) sister.

Once we pulled up at Baldwin’s, the processional was about to begin.  Get into the mood of the ceremony: play my processional song as you read!

Snapped right before the processional started… this was the only point the whole day where I felt nervous

Dan waiting for the processional to start

D's Mom and Dad

The ever-fabulous J

My (made-up against her will) sister

MOH Jules

My niece was SO nervous about walking down the aisle.  We practiced that morning with the processional music so she would know how fast to walk.  She was also really nervous she would run out of petals so we stuffed the basket to the brim!

Finally, it was my turn:

D seeing me for the first time on our wedding day!

I could feel myself starting to lose it and cry, so I literally stopped to try and collect myself (complete with Miss USA-esque overcome-with-emotion-hand-waving).

D saw this and said “Are you crying?  Come on!  Don’t cry!” in a sort of Tom Hanks “There’s no Crying in baseball!” tone

Which made me burst out laughing, stop crying, and reminded me again that I was getting ready to marry an amazing guy who always knew who to make me laugh.

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