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Laughter and Love: What was important and what wasn’t

February 4, 2011

Before I get into our ceremony and reception details, I wanted to talk about how we prioritized the spending and decision making for our wedding.  D and I had conversations in our initial planning about what aspects of the wedding mattered most to each of us, and which ones didn’t (and which ones we were both like, “wait, people care about those things?”).  I think both of us understanding the priorities of the other was very helpful as we made decisions about the wedding– we knew what was worth spending on and where we could cut.

Luckily, we were both pretty on board with similar visions.

Dan’s List of Important things:

  • Awesome food
  • Open bar (this was a given for us– some guests may or may not have said they would not attend if we didn’t have an open bar)
  • On a Saturday night (see open bar)
  • Not in a church
  • Super awesome fun party atmosphere

My Important things:

  • Super amazing fun dance party atmosphere.  That everyone leave saying “That was the most fun wedding EVER”)
  • Amazing food (particularly the hors de’ovres)
  • Open bar
  • Good photography
  • Our wedding seeming like us— fun and a little crazy (and not like a repeat of our friend’s weddings who got hitched before us)

Things we both didn’t care as much about:

  • What our cake looked like (and I don’t like cake, so I cared about nothing but the cake toppers, which I kind of became obsessed with)
  • Chairs, linens, special plates or flatware, etc.  (like not at all.  The chairs on the deck at Baldwin’s are green plastic.  Couldn’t have cared less)
  • Flowers
  • Super fancy transportation
  • The ceremony.  I feel kind of bad that the ceremony was less of a focus.  I think since neither of us is very religious, and we knew it wouldn’t be in a church…  We both liked the idea of doing a very simple and somewhat traditional ceremony with traditional vows.  We didn’t feel the need to write our own or trick it out with special ceremonies
  • Everyone’s outfits for the day.  D didn’t really have strong opinions about what he would wear and ended up with a pretty basic tux.  I obviously cared some about my dress, but would never have broken the budget for a designer gown (or had the dedication for a running of the brides sort of thing).
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