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Laughter and Love: All the small things

February 3, 2011

D and I had a quick engagement, but I still managed to have a lot of special and handcrafted aspects to the wedding thatI loved.  There were also lots of “that would be so cute” ideas that didn’t make the cut, either to save money or my own sanity.  Here are some of my favorite details from the day:

Our watering can centerpieces.  Are they the most amazing, beautiful, breathtaking floral arrangements ever in the history of the world?  No.  But they are pretty and I like ’em.

Our lemon and lime centerpieces.  These I LOVE.  I think they turned out so cute and happy; and they were so cheap and simple.

My niece’s flower girl basket.  I made this and I love how it turned out.  It fit much better with our wedding than a fussy white satin one would have.

The Baldwin’s sign.  I was SO excited and surprised when we pulled up for the ceremony and I saw this!  I didn’t know they would do that!

Our programs were also fans, which was great because it was HOT the day of our wedding.  The programs also contained some suggested icebreaker questions for guests including: “Can you believe they are having a wedding outside in June?”
and  “Do you know if there is an open bar?”.  I have to give a shout out to my friend Christin who was a HUGE help in making these programs a reality!

A photo clothesline of childhood and current photos of D and I.  I always like seeing childhood and family photos of folks, but I didn’t want people to have to sit through a slideshow.  This seemed a good compromise.  (bonus: if you zoom in, you can see my tragic high school short hair— my senior picture is the bottom row, second from the right)

Our cake and CAKE TOPPERS!  I was a little obsessed with the idea of having Turtle cake toppers since D and I are both Terps– turns out they are hard to find and crazy expensive.  So made my own and I irrationally LOVE them.

I also knew I wanted to do something to honor my deceased parents at the wedding.  I didn’t want it to be too sad or bring things down, so I thought a table display at the reception struck the right tone.  I put up my parent’s wedding picture, a token from their wedding day that used to hang in our house, and some family heirloom tea cups for decoration.  This meant a lot to me, and also to my family members that attended, I think.

Finally, our guest book frame.  We replaced the photo in the center with a wedding photo and have it hanging up in our apartment.  It was simple, inexpensive, and quick.  I love that I get to see this and the messages that our friends and family wrote every day.    (Tip: we had our wedding party sign it at the rehearsal dinner so that there would be signatures already and guests would understand that it was serving as a “guest book” at the reception)

If you would like to see a post with a step-by-step guide to any of these DIY projects (basket, centerpieces, program fans, photo display, or guest frame) comment and let me know!

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  1. Lauren H permalink
    February 4, 2011 8:58 am

    Hi Kelly! You were my RA my freshman year at Easton Hall (2006 – 2007) and I’ve been seeing your blog pop up in my facebook feed. Okay, creeper explanation out of the way! I am loving your blog and was actually curious about your program fans – did you have to order those somewhere or did you do them yourself? How did you figure out the template for all the text?

    • February 4, 2011 9:14 am

      Hi Lauren! It’s so nice to hear from you (I see your updates on my newsfeed too– you don’t need to feel like a stalker). I’m glad you are liking the blog!
      As for the program fans, I did make them myself. I’ll put together a quick tutorial post about them– they were pretty simple. 🙂

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