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Our Post-It Pre-Nup

January 25, 2011

So, D and I made a pre-nup, of sorts, after we got engaged.  And I felt the need to tell you guys about this for the following reason:

You see, it’s about my hair.

Yeah, this picture is terrible, but the only recent one I can find where my hair is down

Guys… it’s getting long.  And boring.  And the length that it always gets to when I want to hack it off (not all the way off, just maybe a sassy chin length bob).

But, I’m kinda torn about that because of our post-it pre-nup.  Because on that post-it, I agreed that I would never cut all my hair off.  Now, before you start thinking that I have entered into some sort of sister-wives-pentecostal-man-controlling binding agreement, it’s not like that.

You see, when we first started dating, I was in the early stages of growing out a very unfortunate (VERY UNFORTUNATE), very short, hair cut from high school (that I maintained for a VERY long time because growing it out was so bad.)  It was not a good look for me.  And I hated it.  And D apparently hated it too, and lives in terror that I will one day decide to chop it all off again.  (If I had pictures in electronic form, I would gladly post them so you could see the abomination that was my hair, but I do not.  People who knew me in High School would totally back me up, I am sure.)

So, D really likes my hair long.  But, I am getting bored with it and want to hack it off.  And that got me pondering our post-it (and yes, I realize it’s a Grey’s Anatomy thing now– but whatever):

The Kelly and D Post-it Pre-Nup

1) Kelly will not cut her hair shorter than chin length

1a) The Hair Salon Addendum– D must make allowances for hair salon costs in budget and time for hair appointments  once we have kids so that I can maintain my hair if I can’t cut it off

2) D must never wear jean shorts (shudder)

2a) amended to add leather old man sandals and Hawaiian shirts (outside of luau settings)

3) We mutually agree not to “let ourselves go”.  I have a mortal fear of becoming frumpy, so no mom jeans and scrunchies (Have you SEEN they are apparently making a comeback?!  The HORROR), eating healthier, working out, etc.

With the possible exception of the last item, they are obviously silly, trivial things– but I have quite an affection for our post-it pre-nup.  I feel bad skirting the lines of my no hair cutting off agreement so early in our marriage.  Plus, it’s been a long time since I ever had the patience to grow my hair out this long– should I keep it this way?

But it’s so long, guys!  What should I do? Suggestions for new hair cuts and colors are welcome!

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  1. January 25, 2011 5:33 pm

    What about the Anna Chapman Russian spy look?

  2. Julia permalink
    January 26, 2011 7:01 pm

    How about a Kate Walsh type look? (The one on the right, since we both sadly know our hair doesn’t really hold curl)

    Hitting at your shoulders takes some length off, give it some good body, but is still long enough for a ponytail and D’s post-it prenup.

    But keep it reddish. I love it reddish.


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