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Laughter and Love: The Ladies get Beautiful

January 22, 2011

In the afternoon the day of the wedding, me and my lovely bridal party were busy getting ourselves presentable for the big day.  I had booked appointments for everyone that wanted a service done at the salon that I always went to when I was growing up, A Final Touch.  It was close to Ms. H’s house, making it easy for us to get back and forth, plus I knew people there, which made me feel confident that everything would be fine.

This is the point that I am going to disclose something that has shocked lots of people: I didn’t have a hair or make up trial.  Why folks find this so shocking, I don’t know.  But it really never occurred to me to have a trial for those things.  These people are professionals, right?  So, I am sure it would be totally fine.  And I was right.  I brought along some pictures of updos I really didn’t like and explained what I didn’t like (anything too slicked back, anything too piled up on the head), and then I brought some photos of things I did like.  Then I told her to do whatever style she felt most comfortable doing within the likes and dislikes.  And I LOVED my hair (but unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures of the back of it!)!

I also got my makeup done professionally for the first time in my life, and I was very happy with the results.  I looked like a snazzier version of myself.  But I still looked like me.

After we got prettified at Final Touch, we headed home to get ready. (picture heavy ahead)


D and I exchanged letters for the day of the wedding. I took a few minutes alone to read his

My photographer assembled my old (mom’s wedding band and dad’s St. Christopher medal, which were attached to my bouquet), new (my shoes), Borrowed (my garter, borrowed from my friend Am.  D actually caught this garter at Am’s wedding), and Blue (my floral hair pins)

My niece/flower girl took a minute to pose with me. I love this picture

Jules helped J get ready

My sister buttoned me into my dress

The dress was on! I had to check out the train!

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