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The secret to having fun while you DIY

January 16, 2011

The answer is ALWAYS to add some friends and wine!

This is an important lesson that I learned while planning my wedding.  If you have a big, monotonous, complicated, or time-consuming task ahead of you, invite over some fabulous friends, crack open some bottles of wine, and put out some yummy food, and have yourself a little party.

This is what I did for my DIY wedding invites.  I went to California to see MOH Jules and we took an invitation making class at paper-source.  We then bought all of the supplies for my invites.

Our plan of attack?  “OK, my colors are blue and gold.  What do they have on the sale rack in blue and/or gold?”

$165 later, I had everything I needed to make some fabulous wedding invites:

-75 enclosure cards in Lake (these were slightly smaller than a normal sized invitation would be, since they are meant to be enclosed within a pocketfold invite, but they were on sale!  And no one would know the difference)

-75 Response cards in lake

-160 envelopes– 80 4 Bar and 80 A9- ( in 2 different shades of gold (1 shade was being discontinued and was on sale… I don’t think anyone compared their invites to see that some people got envelopes in a slightly darker gold than others)

-A pack of paper in lake to make envelope liners

-2 stamps, watermark ink, gold embossing powder, and embossing heat gun (embossing powder is the most fun crafting tool EVER– if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it)

When I got back from CA and had all my materials printed, I invited over some of my favorite people to help me craft.  And we had a great old time.  And the end result was this (excuse the gross industrial carpet in my apartment):

I LOVE envelope liners with an irrational amount of love

So, my best piece of advice, if you are planning a big event and have a lot of crafting to do: Add friends and wine.  You’ll have fun AND be productive.  And you can’t beat that.  (but try and keep the wine on a separate table  from the actual crafts to avoid costly spill incidents, the kind that someone as clumsy as me is prone to)

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  1. January 17, 2011 2:39 am

    They look great! Friends and wine are the secret to life, glad we learned this early on 🙂

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