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Laughter and Love: Flower Arranging and Hot Glue burns

January 11, 2011

When it came to flowers and centerpieces for the wedding, I knew that I didn’t want to go with a florist.  While I love some beautiful flowers in a vase at home every now and again (hint, hint to D if he ever read my blog, which he doesn’t), I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars out of a limited budget on stuff that would be dead a few days later.  As I looked over the wedding budget trying to find places to slash money, flowers were the first thing to get massively downgraded.  Luckily, all of my bridesmaids are pretty crafty, and really– They are pretty flowers, how hard can it be to put some together in a container? (answer: sometimes harder than you would think)

Now did we have the most elaborate and extravagant of centerpieces?  No.  But our wedding was not elaborate or extravagant, so Sunflowers and wheat stalks in watering cans and lemons and limes stacked in metal pails was much more our speed.  I did not really have any visions for what I wanted or what things had to look like, so it was nice to have that kind of mental flexibility.

I did discover the importance of running things by the groom, however.  D was a typical groom, in that he said that he didn’t really care much about most of the wedding planning stuff.  However, I discovered over time that what this actually meant was that he didn’t have an opinion and didn’t care until he did have an opinion and care about things.  And then we had to start from scratch.

Flowers were an area he said he particularly didn’t care about.  So, I chose sunflowers.  I found out (after the wedding) that D really doesn’t like sunflowers.  But luckily, before the wedding, I found out D was massively opposed to having a mini-sunflower for his boutineer.  When I mentioned in passing that the mini-sunflowers were my plan, he said, “Yellow flowers?!  Against a black tux?!  Won’t that be jarring?  And Tacky?”

This is what I envisioned minus the purple stuff-- not tacky, right?

I asked him what he wanted and his response was, “I want whatever Tom [our friend whose wedding we had just attended 2 weeks prior] had for his boutineer.  Those were nice.  And not yellow.”  Tom had a white calla lily.  So, D was going to have a white calla lily.  It didn’t go with any of the other flowers for the day, but whatever.

The Calla Lily Bout he ended up with

So, here’s my budget breakdown for the centerpieces we made as well as photos of the finished products:

My total spent on flowers/centerpieces: $370

Included in this breakdown:

-1 bridal bouquet

My bouquet

-1 toss bouquet

-3 Bridesmaid bouquets

-Rose petals for flower girl basket

This was one of my first DIY projects, and I love how it turned out

-5 bouts

-2 corsages

-10 floral centerpieces

-10 fruit centerpieces

-Flowers for Parent remembrance table

Materials used:

Ordered from

150 Sunflowers ($130), 100 Yellow Roses ($90)

Purchased at Potomac Floral Wholesalers:

10 yellow Crespedia: $8, 16 mini calla lily: $12, Hypernicum berries (24 bunches): $16, Israeli Ruscus greenery (30 stems): $4, Wheat Stalks (1lb): $8

Purchased from IKEA: 10 metal watering cans 10 x $5 ($50), 10 small metal buckets 10 x $1: ($10)

Floral supplies from Michaels: Floral foam, wire, corsage pins, floral tape, raffia, ribbon ~$20

From Costco: Lemons and Limes ~$20

My bridal party and I put all these together the night before and the day of the wedding.  It took about 5-6 hours total, I think, for the 4 of us to get them completed.   We prepped as much as we could the night before, including hot gluing the raffia around the tins holding the lemons and limes, which I am sure was a totally unneeded touch, but I liked it.  We also got quite a few burns on our fingers trying to do that- I have heard they make low-heat glue guns, which I wish I would have used that night!

A few lessons learned:

– Floral tape is the greatest invention EVER!  It makes flower arranging much easier and makes flowers behave and stay where you want them to stay.  Plus it’s super cheap.  Can’t beat that.

-If you are ordering flowers from a bulk supplier like costco, Sam’s Club, or fifty flowers, get them delivered 2 days before your event.  This gives them time to open, gives you time to prep, and will give you some wiggle room in case the shipment is late (which happened when J got married).

-If you can get your roses pre-stripped of thorns, DO IT!  It saved time and a lot of nicks and cuts!

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