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Judging People Harshly– or why I love Joan Rivers

January 9, 2011

OK, can I just say that I freaking LOVE Joan Rivers?

So crazy and over the top it's Freaking FABULOUS

My tivo randomly records episodes of the Fashion Police on E! because it knows I love trashy television shows (other shows on my Tivo-of-shame: Pretty Little Liars (which I also started watching because my tivo suggested the pilot episode for me), and Gossip Girl).  So anyway, I was watching an episode of the Fashion Police, and you just can’t help but love a woman who is just so batshit insane and OWNS it.

I have loved Joan Rivers since my younger days, when my mom would watch QVC, where Joan would regularly be on hawking her jewelry line, The Joan Rivers Classic Collection (and can we all just pause to digest that a woman who wears more sequins and feathers than a Vegas Showgirl having something called the “Classic Collection”).  She was always ridiculous and totally inappropriate.  And was probably the only entertaining thing on QVC at the time because I was too young to find watching it ironically amusing.

How can you not love someone whose commentary on this look is:

I think the orange traffic cone and dumpster make this extra glamorous, don't you?

“Paula Abdul: She loves the LBD.  Little Black Dress.  Little Bit Drugged”

She also coined what might be my new favorite fake word, which is used to describe people who dress like idiots:


Also, she dressed up as Snooki and then took a picture with Snooki.

Joan is working that look better at age 77 than Snooki

Oh, Joan.  You are a treasure.

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