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Laughter and Love: The day before (in which the groom has a meltdown of sorts)

December 13, 2010

The days leading up to the wedding were a blur of activity: my MOH flying in from CA, my bacherlorette party, D’s bachelor party, a few days of whirlwind errands (including an unsuccessful, yet hilarious, trial of MAC fake eyelashes, as well dealing with $1200 fraudulent credit card purchases on one of my accounts)… and suddenly, it was Friday!

I had created a schedule for that day, which I guess was my first mistake, because as soon as you create a schedule, you are begging fate to come and mess it up.  The plan was to leave my apartment around noon with my MOH, her boyfriend (who had also flown in from CA), my Bridesmaid J, plus a boatload of wedding supplies and drive up to my hometown an hour away.  Things were going well.  We had centerpiece containers, crafty supplies, dress, shoes, and a whole checklist of goodies packed and ready to go.

And then, at 11:45, my phone rang, and it all went off course.  Who could it be?

Congrats if you guessed the US Office of Personnel Management wanting to schedule an immediate in-person interview with me to discuss D’s pending security clearance.

If you did not guess that, join the club.

“Do you know D [D’s last name]?”

“Uh, yeah.  We’re getting married tomorrow.”

“Can I come to interview you about this person’s application for security clearance?”

“Uh, well, I’m getting married to him tomorrow, so we’re a little busy… plus, he’s at home with me right now… would he have to leave?”

Apparently, it was imperative that the interview happen *right then*.  It absolutely COULD NOT WAIT.  The interviewer was in the area, and wanted to come over.  We waited and waited, then finally got to have a super-awkward interview about my very-soon-future-spouse’s fitness to know important classified stuff.  It was like bizzare-o-world-government-issued pre-marital counseling– “Do you have any reason to believe this person is plotting to violently overthrow the government?” etc, etc.

So, once that was over, we were massively behind schedule, and my dreams of knocking out some centerpiece assembly before the rehearsal were dashed.  We drove toward my hometown, making a stop at the mall to pick up some last minute forgotten items.  This is when I get a call from a freaking-out-D, in a panic about getting a hold of the DJ and finishing everything that needs to get done.  I am standing in the accessories Department of a Nordstrom when D has this conversation:

D had his own little meltdown

“Ohmigod, I don’t know how I am going to get everything done right now!  I have so much to do!  I don’t have any time!  What am I going to do?”  *at this point, Dan’s to do list was basically, write thank you cards to his parents and call the DJ.  Mine was, ahem, slightly longer– so i was getting peeved.*  Then  he continued in the same breath– “OK, I know you must be thinking, “I have so much more stuff to do right now than you”, and I am just whining and complaining.  I will figure it out.  Don’t worry”

That was pretty much exactly what I was thinking.  Good boy.

So, we continued on, with my MOH and I treating her boyfriend, who was in the car with us, to a stress-reducing and very off-key Disney song concert.  Lucky him.  We arrived at the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/bridal party pre-wedding accommodations location about 2 hours later than I had planned.  It was a mad dash to unload everything and get ready before the rehearsal began.

More on our amazing rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding accommodation hosts in my next post.

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