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Gift ideas for the squirrel obsessed–

December 11, 2010

Have someone like me who has a crazy fixation with all things squirrels?  (Probably not, since most people I know say (erroneously) that they are “rodents with bushy tails”– blasphemy!)  Well, if you do, check out this list of insanely adorable squirrel-themed gift ideas:


Jonathan Adler Squirrel Bonanza!

Apparently designer Jonathan Adler is a squirrel lover like myself, based on the myriad of adorable squirrel items he has.

My favorites include the squirrel bottle stopper (wine + squirrels = squee!):

He also makes a ring holder in a similar shape, with this hilarious (and appropriate to me this time last year) tagline:

“Groovy Gift Idea: Get one for your girlfriend of eight years. Maybe you should man-up and put a ring in it.”


Or cute squirrel bookends from West Elm:

Squirrel slippers from Urban Outfitters:

For the well-dressed squirrel-enthusiast man in your life, cufflinks!

(these cufflinks are from Etsy.  Going on Etsy and searching for squirrel related things may have been a mistake, as there are now an uncountable number of cute things I want!)






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  1. Julia permalink
    December 12, 2010 2:52 pm

    Well, I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that you didn’t feature anything I got you for Christmas. Everything may or may not be squirrel themed…

    • December 12, 2010 3:00 pm

      I haven’t gotten your package yet, but now I am super excited! Did you find them on gift genome? 😉

  2. Julia permalink
    December 12, 2010 3:08 pm

    Two packages coming your way 🙂 When do you leave for the holidays? I might send the second one directly to Lisa’s…

    GG – yeah right! It needs a lot more inventory before it’ll come up with anything that’s an appropriate gift for you.

  3. December 13, 2010 5:05 am

    i love this, i’m obsessed with squirrels!!

    just found your blog, it’s adorable! feel free to stop by mine and say hello 🙂

    she said yes!

    • December 13, 2010 7:27 am

      Thanks so much! I’m glad another squirrel lover has found my blog!

      I popped over to your blog and it is equally adorable!

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