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Laughter and Love: What’s up DOC?

December 5, 2010

Before I can get to any posts that recap our actual wedding, I need to give some love to our amazing Day-of-Coordinator, Lynnecia Johnson of Sophisticated Events.  I had heard a lot of advice from folks saying that having a day-of-coordinator (DOC) was extremely helpful and made the wedding day much less stressful.  I didn’t think that it was in the budget-cards for me, but luckily, Lynnecia posted on the WeddingBee Boards offering FREE DOC services so she could build her wedding portfolio.

Sign. Me. Up.

I met with Lynnecia in March and felt like I clicked with her right away.  She was clearly organized and on top of her game, was also recently engaged, and was enthusiastic, but not crazy (you know what I mean).  By the time I found Lynnecia, most of the major planning was done, so I let her know what services I felt I really needed.  Mainly, someone to ferry all of the centerpieces and other decor from the house where we would be getting ready to Baldwin’s, someone to make sure the groomsmen and groom were where they needed to be, and someone to help solve any problems that cropped up along the way that day.

Lynnecia was more than up to the challenge.  She came to the venue with me to get the lay of the land, came to the rehearsal and helped take charge of herding the cats (ie- wedding party), helped my MOH make bouquets, helped solve the missing DJ crisis, and appeared at my side throughout the reception with a cloth napkin to clean me off whenever someone knocked my drink onto me (which happened a lot more than you would think).  Those are just the things she did that I knew about.  All I know is that pretty much the entire day ran without a hiccup, and I know that everyone in the wedding party felt SO MUCH less stress because of our fabulous DOC.

Let’s play spot Lynnecia in the background in all of these pictures:

Lynnecia watching as my Mother-in-Law and I get down on the dancefloor

Lynnecia over on the right helping us figure out what the hell we were doing at the Rehearsal

There she is again on the right, cuing us all for our entrance into the reception

The moral of this story is: having a DOC is amazing and really cuts down on the day-of stress level.  If you can find someone to hire as a DOC or a friend to function as a DOC– do it!!  Also, if you are in the DC/MD/VA area– Hire Lynnecia!  She’s awesome!


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