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Laughter and Love: Let’s cross this off the list and cross our fingers it works out

December 2, 2010

I love to plan big events, and it is something I have gotten to do a fair bit of for my job.  So, I was in my comfort zone as I made to do lists, calendars, and spreadsheets for the wedding.  But, our wedding planning was very much 1 part very detailed and careful research and one part “let’s just pick something and cross our fingers it all works out”.

I did a lot of research to begin with about budgets, base prices, and other things so I would know if I was getting ripped off by a potential vendor, but other than that, a lot of our planning was just picking something and going with it.  And we lucked out—majorly.

For example: Our photographer—we went to a showcase for “The Pros” (a major national wedding vendor of DJs, Photogs and Videographers)and our plan was to try and book a DJ and photographer that night (if you went to a showcase, you got money off of your package).  There was only 1 photographer present who had availability on our date, and D and I were not really feeling him (most of his portfolio looked like it was from the early 90s).

So, we went over to the computers they had set up to browse other company photographers.  While scanning through who was available for our date, we looked at 1 or 2 people, then we saw the portfolio of Valerie Usui and we both said, “That’s the one!”  We booked her that night.

Valerie's Portfolio Photograph that made my and D's decision

We didn’t talk with Valerie until a few days before the wedding, and the first time I met her was when she walked up the driveway to the house where I was getting dressed for the wedding.  When I read about the lists of questions and numerous consultation meetings that other brides had to ensure that they “clicked” with their photographer, I started to feel like maybe D and I were insane for going this route.  But, Valerie was AMAZING.  She was awesome to work with and I LOVE our photos.  This could have been a disaster, but it was perfect.

Yeah, I think we did OK with our photographer...

Our photographer was probably our biggest gamble, but there were lots of other choices I just made and then went with.  The thought process on several big wedding decisions:

-While browsing the available bulk flowers from Costco, I saw they had Sunflowers for a good price.  Summery flower, fits with our rustic-y/country-ish venue—check.  So, we’re having Sunflowers and Gold is one of our colors.  Done and Done.

-Now that gold is a color, let’s think about Bridesmaid dresses.  Blue goes nicely with gold, and I like these blue dresses from J. Crew and all of my bridesmaids seem to like them.  Dresses selected.  Check.  Blue and Gold are now our colors:  Check.

-We need a guest book thing.  Hey look—it’s a frame with a big mat for people to sign.  It’s on sale!  Check.

-I went dress shopping with J for the first time and tried on about 5 dresses.  I really liked the last one.  The sample fits me and you’ll give me $250 off if I buy it today?  Done and done.  (more on this particular choice later)

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