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The Flu that stole Thanksgiving

November 29, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday full of family and delicious food.  I am back from my trip to Tennessee to see D’s father and family.  It was an awesome trip in many ways, but a less-than-awesome time in one big way: namely, I had the flu.  D had the flu in the days leading up to our departure and declared himself “sicker than he had been in years.”  Awesome.  And of course I got sick.  We’re married.  We share everything now.

I have been sick over Thanksgiving several times now, and it is the worst thing ever.  To see all that wonderful food and not be able to taste it (and D’s family is from the South.  They can COOK)– it was miserable.  But my cocktail of neti-potting, afrin, mucinex D, tylenol/advil/excedrin, plus about 10 boxes of tissues meant that I was able to at least enjoy some parts of the holiday.

My father-in-law’s house in TN is always fun.  It is on a lake and has a beautiful view, plus a hammock (a gift from D and I last Christmas, which I’ll admit I was looking forward to enjoying), a hot tub, and the largest deck you have ever seen in your life.  Seriously, it is the size of the house and has multiple levels.

The view (in the summer) from the deck (Including the HAMMOCK!)


Just a portion of the deck in all its glory

Getting to see D’s family again was really nice, and I even got to meet some family members I hadn’t met before.  I also got to finally meet the newest addition to the fam, D’s cousin’s baby (my 2nd cousin-in-law, I guess).  Oh. my. god.  Cutest baby EVAH!!  (sorry, I don’t have any pictures to show you, but trust me, completely adorable.)  And the most smiley and non-fussy baby I have ever seen.  I had a lot of fun holding and playing with her before my sickness set in with full force.

Finally, I got to play with D’s Dad’s dog, Max.  Seriously, the most well-trained dog on earth.  And so cute.  And now I really, really, really want a dog.  (Because I only really, really wanted a dog before)

After calling in sick today to try and recover a little bit more, tomorrow, it’s back to the grind.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    November 30, 2010 6:42 pm

    Sorry you were sick, but we had a great time visiting with you…and Sarabella loved you!

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