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Laughter and Love: Plan your wedding in 1 day or less

November 22, 2010

So, where we last left off, I had informed D that I had figured out exactly what we were going to do for the wedding.  I had formed this plan exactly one day after having a meltdown about how I had NO IDEA what I wanted.

So, what was my plan?

When were we getting married?  June, 2010.  Why June?  In my job, June is the down time of year.  No crazy events, no insane schedules, College students are at home, and work is quiet.  The other thing about this date was that it was 6 months after our engagement.  For those of you who have not planned a wedding, that sounds totally reasonable, right?  For those of you who have planned a wedding, you may have said, “WHAT?  Only 6 Months?!  That’s crazy talk!”  Well, I didn’t think it was crazy, but most of my vendors did.  I would tell them my date and they would say, “June 2011?”  And I would say, “No, June 2010.”  And then they would look at me like I had 3 heads.  But, I gotta say, pretty much every vendor I looked at had availability for me, so I don’t know what all the fuss was about.

I loved having a short engagement.  It was so key to my sanity.  When you have a short time frame, you HAVE to make choices.  You can’t obsess and endlessly research options.  And those who know me would say I may on occasion be indecisive, so knowing that I had to go with my gut was crucial.

Where were we getting married?

Baldwin Station amandak (Amanda Koehler)


Baldwin’s Station Restaurant in Sykesville, MD.  I grew up in this town and worked at Baldwin’s when I was in high school and college.  When D and I began dating, I regaled (bored) him with stories of the people I worked with (whom I love) and the food (OMG the food is SO good).   Baldwin’s is a Victorian-era train station that is now a restaurant.  The dining rooms have exposed brick, the back patio looks over the train tracks and the river.  It is a beautiful place, and a place that held a lot of great memories for us (aside from being friends with half the staff, I also had my prom and graduation dinners there, as well as several anniversary dinners for D and I while we were dating).

Guest Picture at the Wedding– Train track and river from the back deck

So, I had my plan.  We’d get married in June, have our ceremony at one of the churches in the town, then do the reception at Baldwin’s, and run a bus to and from the hotel and reception (for all of our imbibing guests).  That was my plan, and I stuck to it (with the exception of the ceremony location– but that’s a whole other story)!

So, Date- Check. Venue- check. Transportation plan- Check.  Food- Check.  I was off and running with less than 6 months to go!

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